Ask the Tentacle Therapist
TT: My name is Rose Lalonde.

TT: It seems I have been coerced into creating one of these ask blogs by my friends.

TT: According to them they're a fun way to make acquaintances as well as have some intellectual conversations.

TT: So what are you waiting for? Let's see what you can come up with.

TT: Though, I should warn aspect is simply the best there is.

Aug 16th | 1


((I am still here, I swear!!

Things have been rather a mess and somewhat awful in my life lately. I believe things will calm down soon and I can get to all of your questions. I apologize greatly for the delay and the absence of this blog! I also want to thank you all for the continued follows and support even though I have not been around. 

I’m back now though and will get to your questions as soon as I possibly can!))

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Jul 5th | 38



—- turntechGodhead [TG] has begun pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] at 5:18pm —-

TG: hey rose

TG: this is a lil somethin we did for you 

TG: enjoy


—- ectoBiologist[EB] has begun pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] at 5:28pm —-

EB: so classy it hurts.

EB: oh my god this is so gay.

—- tentacleTherapist [TT] has begun pestering turntechGodhead [TG] and ectioBiologist[EB] at 2:09pm —-

TT: I have nothing to say that John has not already stated.
TT: Classy? Perhaps.
TT: Gay?
TT: There is not a single doubt in the entire universe. Several universes.

TT: Gay as hell. 


TT: Although John I was under the impress you were…What was it?
TT: Not a homosexual? 


Jun 30th | 2

TT: It seems I’ve acquired quite the copious amount of followers. I hope you enjoy what I have going on around this little corner of the internet.

TT: If you have any inquiries, you know where to leave them.

TT: At least, I’m going to assume you do. 

TT: Hit me with your best shot and all that.

((Holy wow. Thank you all so much for the gratuitous flow of followers! Im really grateful for every one of you!))

Jun 29th | 643 TT: Kanaya came to visit.TT: Black lipstick is quite the mess. 
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Jun 27th
Anonymous: Rose, what would you recommend the aspiring writer do?

TT: I cannot strain the golden rule more. And the golden rule to everything is to practice.

TT: Practice and read as much as you possibly can. There are so many wonderful resources at our fingertips that anyone can take advantage of. And they certainly should. 

TT: Carry around a small notebook with you. Write whenever you can and soak up everything you can as far as reading material is concerned. Our favorite authors can also be wonderful teachers.

Jun 27th | 3
Anonymous: Have you gotten Kanaya to read Twilight?

TT: …I believe your question may have been better had it been phrased, ‘Have you gotten Kanaya to stop reading Twilight?’
TT: And if it were phrased in the appropriate manner, the answer is no…No and I do not believe I ever will. Sadly.


Jun 27th | 8
Anonymous: Did you know that according to Karkat, you and John are supposed to get married?

TT: I have…heard of this little conspiracy traveling around the meteor. However, I do believe John and I feel quite the same on the matter of such a subject.

TT: And if that is not enough to convince you I do believe you should ask my Matesprit how she feels about such an endeavor. 

GA: Excuse Me Anonymous But That Question Is Extremely Rude. You Should Truly Know Better Than To Inquire About A Supposedly “Fated” Matespritship.

GA: Rose Is MY Matesprit. 

Jun 13th | 1

TT: It seems I have accumulated quite the number of followers recently…

TT: And an equal amount of inquiries in my inbox. I suppose I shall get on answering those as soon as I can. 

TT: And I welcome those who have decided to delve into the dark recesses of my mind that generally inhabits this lovely corner of the internet.

TT: I do hope you’ll enjoy your stay and all that.

Jun 12th | 684 punktiercantaloupe:


These were some really cute Rose and Kanaya cosplayers I met at Colossalcon~
If either of them is you let me know so I can tag you!

Thats my girlfriend and I!!! Thanks so much for this shot! We didn’t end up getting a lot of pictures and this looks really awesome!
I’m the Rose and this lovely lady is the Kanaya!!!

Ah, Kanaya. Quite the charmer, are you not?
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Jun 12th | 134
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